Local Wine, Beer & Cider

Celebrating Cider

With a taste of this warm weather lately I have been anxiously awaiting a taste of some local cider. I am 8.5 months pregnant with baby number two and I cannot WAIT until I can sip on some cider once he or she finally arrives. It’s funny how much you want something when you know you can’t have it!

Doing some “research” during Cider week last year 😉

The timing is perfect because Ontario Craft Cider week is coming up May 27th- June 4th so hopefully this baby makes an appearance in time for me to enjoy some of the local ciders that’ll be showcased that week.

If you don’t know what Ontario Craft Cider week is it’s basically a week long event where bars and restaurants serve up these ciders to help promote the local industry — which is exploding and really making a name for itself!

Don’t be tricked into thinking all cider is sweet (that’s the number one complaint I hear from people when I talk about my cider obsession). These local producers are doing some great things and experimenting with all sorts of tastes and flavours. One of my favourite producers is West Avenue.

Check out the story I did during last year’s cider week:

– B


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