Eat Clean + Live Clean

Natural Hand Soap


Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on your bottle of hand soap? I have no idea what half of those things are… and can’t even pronounce most of them.

I loved yummy smelling soaps for my bathrooms and kitchen but I started to wonder what I was putting on my hands and into my body.

A bottle of natural soap can be pretty pricey so I decided to try making my own using castile soap (I love Dr. Bronner’s). Homemade liquid hand soap is one of the simplest natural recipes you can make. It’s a bit different in consistency than regular thick soap… it is watery… BUT it does the job just the same.

You can also play around with the scent using essential oils or I like the peppermint Dr. Bronner’s soap. It’s really inexpensive to make and I love experimenting with DIY natural products.



1/2 cup Castile Soap (such as Dr. Bronner’s)
1 cup water (distilled or boiled and cooled)
1 tablespoon nourishing oil (I like sweet almond oil)
10 drops tree tea oil
5-10 drops of essential oil (my favourites are lavender or peppermint)

– In a glass jar add the water first then the liquid castile soap, followed by the oils. Mix the ingredients together and pour the soap into your dispensers. That’s it! So easy!
* You’ll want to shake the soap dispenser before using it to disperse the oils. Even though the soap is watery it’ll still lather nicely.



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